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Yorkshire Sculpture park

I just realised that I never posted my pictures from my visit to YSP a few weeks ago.

Bretton Hall across the lake




Barbara Hepworth: Family of Man (1970) not my piccie as unfortunately mine didn't work!

barbara hepworth

Antony Gormley: One & Other (2000)


Sol LeWitt: 123454321 (1993)


David Nash: Seventy One Steps (2010)


After walking through the woods and finding an upside down tree and a termite mound (we don't have termite mounds in the UK as far as I know!) which we gather were sculptures we started laughing that everything we saw was a sculpture - the geese (no), a highland cow (no), a hazel woven hedge (yes), a row of twigs on the floor in the woods (yes) - see photo below!

Hemali Bhuta: speed breakers (2012) again not my photo but to be honest I wasn't sure if this was sculpture or nature till I got home and looked it up!

speed breakers Hemali Bhuta 2012

So - stacked bonfire twigs (yes), a group of cattle feeders (yes) stepping stones (no - well I'm guessing not!)


After the walk through the wooded area we came across the Henry Moore Sculptures which I had really been looking forward to and the main reason I went to YSP!

Henry Moore: Two Reclining Figures:Points (1969-1970)


Henry Moore: Reclining Figure: Arched Leg (1969 - 1970)


Henry Moore: Two Large Forms (1966 - 1969)
- It looks like sex to me!!


Henry Moore: Large Totem Head (1968)


Henry Moore: Draped Seated Woman (1957)


I have only been once before to the YSP (in 1995) and I seemed to remember there being a lot more Henry Moore Sculptures but when I looked it up there was a 6 month Henry Moore exhibition at YSP which may well have been the reason I went!!!

Anyway it was a lovely day, the sun shone and I had a lovely coffee in the new visitors centre. Very good value day out as it only cost me the fare there and back and the park was free!

For loads more pictures on the website  - http://www.ysp.co.uk/whats-on/open-air
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