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63 UK Christmas No.1s - 1990

Cliff Richard - Saviours Day

"Saviour's Day" is a song by Cliff Richard. It was written by Chris Eaton and produced by Cliff Richard and Paul Moessl. Eaton wrote the song in October 1989, and took his original version of the song with him to a Christmas party to show to Richard. Eaton had been warned that all of Richard's songs for the following year were already booked in and there wouldn't be any space for it. However, Eaton insisted that Richard listen to the tape he brought along, and so they left the party and listened to it in Richard's Rolls-Royce. Richard immediately liked the song and predicted that it could be a number one record.

It was the United Kingdom Christmas number one single in 1990, the second occasion Richard had a solo Christmas number one. It has subsequently been voted into lists of both the best and the most annoying Christmas songs.

The music video for "Saviour's Day" was filmed in Dorset, in the town of Swanage and at Durdle Door. The video was shot in September 1990. Richard and the extras in the video were asked to wear winter clothes for the Christmas song, but the day's filming took place on a warm September day with blue sky and sunshine. The video featured Richard and the extras singing together on top of the limestone arch of Durdle Door. Six years earlier, Tears for Fears shot part of the video for their 1984 single "Shout" at the famous Durdle Door landmark.

In the UK, "Saviour's Day" entered the UK Singles Chart on 8 December 1990 at number six. It went to number three the following week, and up a further spot in the week before Christmas. The song went to number one on the chart dated the week ending 29 December 1990, becoming that year's Christmas number one and replacing the previous week's UK number one by Vanilla Ice's "Ice Ice Baby" A week later "Saviour's Day" dropped back down to number three, and spent only one more week in the top forty at twenty.

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