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63 UK Christmas No.1s - 1994

East 17 - Stay Another Day

"Stay Another Day" is a 1994 pop song recorded by British boy band East 17. It was released in late 1994 and became their only number one on the UK Singles Chart, becoming the Christmas number one of 1994, and also topped the charts in Sweden, Ireland and Denmark. To this day, it remains their biggest hit.

"Stay Another Day" was the third single from East 17's second album Steam, following up "Around The World" and the album's title track. It was their first ballad, written by the band's lead songwriter Tony Mortimer and said to be about his brother Ollie, who committed suicide. Mortimer was aided in the composition by his co-manager Rob Kean and songwriter Dominic Hawken, who had once been Boy George's keyboard player. Christmas bells were included towards the end of the song to appeal to the lucrative Christmas singles market. The most familiar arrangement is unusual among pop records in that it features almost no drums, apart from some timpani during the introduction to and towards the end of the track.

Two videos were made for the song. One features the band singing the song in a studio whilst the other video shows the band in a black background wearing white furry parkas and black leather jackets and features a woman wearing a long dress and veil whilst it snows. The latter video is shown usually around Christmas.

In November 1994, "Stay Another Day" entered at number seven on the UK Singles Chart. The following week it climbed to its peak of number one on the chart, where it remained for 5 weeks, thus becoming the 1994 Christmas number-one and Britain's third best-selling single of 1994.

It was also the 4th biggest selling boyband single of the 90s in the United Kingdom and has sold 910,000 copies and has received a Platinum sales status certification. Tony Mortimer won an Ivor Novello songwriting award for this song. The single was also nominated for 'Best Single' at the Brit Awards in 1995.

The Charity Radio station show where I tried to collect all the Christmas no1s in the month happened in 1993 so from here onwards I have bought the Christmas no1s every year, just after New Year when the singles have still been in the charts.

I can never manage to listen to tis song for more than about 30 secs!! Brian and the other the members of East 17 (but mostly Brian) sing words spelt with a 'TH' pronounced 'F'!!!! If there is one thing that annoys me it's people saying 'I Fink' instead of 'I Think' etc. It really bugs me!!! It's unfortunate that the video of the song has a close up of Brians face just as he sings about 'Frowing it all away'! I can't avoid noticing it everytime!! I suppose its a generational thing - when I was very young and in infant school if you said 'F' instead of 'Th' you went to see the educational speech therapist who visited the school a couple of times a week! My friends and I have said that it is becoming so common for young people to not pronounce their 'th's right that we reckon another 10 - 20 years and everyone will say 'fink' and 'fought' and the 'th' sound will have left the English language completely!!!

End of moan! LOL!
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