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Can I give an example of that?.....er....no!

It was my first day back at college yesterday. It was okay. I understood what was being said even though you could feel they had sped the signing up another notch!

The group's the same as last year but without the couple of disruptive ones and my friend 'F' who is 70 who didn't manage to pass last year. There is also a new face - not new to me because she only lives around the corner from me and is one of the friends I've been meeting to practice with over coffee on a Wednesday morning. Living so close to me she kindly offered me a lift into college. This was wonderful because instead of catching the 7.45am bus I didn't have to meet her until 8.45am! which meant an extra hour in bed!

We started off by having to introduce ourselves, say where we work, hobbies, what we had been up to over the summer, that sort of thing. Then they explained what is expected of us this year which most of us didn't really understand fully but I'm sure it'll become clearer in the next few weeks!

As we were discussing what elements we were going to be marked on they asked us lots of questions to clarify that we understood. Every time they asked me a question I would give them the correct answer but then they would always ask me - can you give us an example of that? or, the other one was - have you got any evidence to back that statement up? and yesterday I was like ....er....no! I can give you the correct answer but my brains not up to thinking of examples or giving evidence! and that's not a problem with my signing - it's a problem with my brain!!!

Interestingly I felt that everyone yesterday was of a very similar standard. There was no-one who stood out as really good and there was no-one who seemed to be not as good as everyone else!

Steve had the day off yesterday so we went for a drive in the country in the afternoon - It was really interesting! I've got someone calling for coffee in about 10 mins so I'll post about it later along with some photos I took.
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