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Drivearound no1

Last Monday Steve had the day off work, so after college we went for a drive around and explored some very long but tiny country lanes not far from my house that I have never been on before, mainly because the road collapsed about 500 yard along it so it has been closed for many many years! The road closed sign was still up but we realised that although where it had collapsed the road is still thin, you can actually get a car through.

So here are some photos from my little run around last week.
(click on them to get the bigger piccies)

I adore Highland Cows and I didn't realise a local farmer had four!

A pretty old stone gate post

An old disused farm sign

The view over towards Bradfield dam

The road as it goes towards the Strines moors.

Purple heather (we don't get much white heather around here)

A peacock just eating the grass outside a farmer yard!
I have 6 or 7 peacocks living near me!

I don't know what type of flowers these are but I thought they were pretty.


Tags: countryside, flowers, highland cows, hills, photographes

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