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ask me to post about anything - 4th Jan

What would you really love to do that you've never done before? and why haven't you done it so far?
suggested by gobbolina

I was actually considering this question on New Years eve as I was stood outside watcing the fireworks bursting in the sky across the other side of the valley.

In my life I have actually done many things that were on my 'to do' list. But obviously there will always be things yet to do!

So as I heads towards answering the question, I would like to say that I have three things to 'do again' on my list. As I just don't feel I've completed them satisfactorily!

*See the northern lights - I was really pleased to see them for the first time earlier this year but it was so 'Was it/Wasn't it/i'm 85% sure it was' that I would still love to see them and just absolutely know unmistacable that I have seen them.

*See a total eclipse - I went to Cornwall in August 1999 to see the total Eclipse, We had beatiful weather all week and unfortunately a cloud come over just for the two our or so period that everything happened. We still got all the effects. I was sat on top of a cliff so I could see the sea and it was amazing to see the crashing waves stop and the water just stand still! So I would love to see a total eclipse on a clear sunny day so I can see the beads and the effects on the ground through the trees etc!!

*Go to the Eurovision Song Contest - I went a few years ago and I would love to go again, but if i don't manage to go, I've still been once.

But one of the things I have never done that I would really love to do, is sing "Dream a little dream of me" with a live band backing me. I'd really love someone to play a double bass and someone to play the drums with brushes as I think they make a lovely sound! I've never done it because the opportunity has never arisen. None of my friends who are musicians play or are interested in playing that sort of music. They are all Rock/classical/protest/irish folk musicians!

My friend recently told me that years ago she had decided to set it up as a surprise for me to sing it at her wedding reception. In the evening, instead of having a disco, she asked her friends, who were musicians to perform something. She never told me about it on the actual night because apparently the musicians who she had arranged to back me, were from the same family and on the day of the wedding they were all too ill to attend!

So yes I'd be really happy to do one performance to an audience of that one song, but if I ever had the chance to perform more than one song here's a four song playlist I put together.

Dream A Little Dream Of Me (Mama Cass version)

If I didn't Care (David Cassidy Version)

Ain't No Sweet Man - (Norma Waterson version)

Come Back - Jessica Garlick

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