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My favourite television show, and why?
suggested by nucleosides

There are lots of programmes that I really love but my favourite TV show is ‘The Tribe’. (Cloud9/Channel5 production). It was a teen post-apocalyptic show and ran on channel 5 in the UK from 1999 to 2003.

The beginning of series 1 is set (roughly) about 6 months after a virus has wiped out all the adults. All children and young people had been sent to away from the adults and the city and have now returned. The series follows how they cope and survive without adults. Series 1 brings gritty storylines - a teen pregnancy and a baby born in ep2, Bulimia, Alcohol addiction, and other things that teens and children would have to cope with. It is all shown in a quite realistic but non-depressing and exciting way. Tribes start to form for protection against each other and a group of kids and young people find themselves taking shelter in a shopping mall. They form their own tribe and the ‘Mall Rats’, as they name themselves, are the central tribe within the story.

There are 5 series which involve finding an antidote to the returned mutated virus, the Mall Rats being taken over in the Mall by other tribes, the death or disappearance of major characters, and an invasion of the whole city by a far more advanced tribe than anyone has met who have technology and the knowledge to turn the electric back on. There is also lots of fun, laughs and teenage crushes and love to bring a lighter side.

I discovered the show one Saturday morning as I was flicking through the TV channels and I came across all these kids in crazy costumes and bright lopsided and strange (but great) hairstyles with smeared face paint. I hung around thinking “What is this?” I spent less of that first time watching and more admiring the costumes and hair, thinking that whoever had designed the style was obviously the same age as me as everything screamed of 1980s art student! I used to design and make exactly the same style of clothes and hair! It also had a very modern look mixed into the style to make it very up date and yet slightly futuristic. Its funny how over the last 14 years I have actually noticed some of the styles and accessories come into fashion that I never thought would see the light of day again.

I like how the clothes and the makeup reflect how people grow accustom to the situation, in series one everyone’s style is a bit all over the place and the makeup smudged, by series 5 they have some really sorted outfits and the makeup is very neat.

The characters are well thought out and there is one of every personality you can imagine. I think within the show, everyone can find a character they can really relate to.

My one down point is in series 1 as they are all settling down into being a tribe there is lots of “oooh you fancy (character)” “no I don’t but I think you do” which goes on for a bit but then I have to remember that it’s a teenage show and that’s also part of being a teen!

When the show first came out I was doing youth work and the young people I was involved with loved the show. In the many years since I have quite often used clips from the show to illustrate something in life I want to talk about to young people.

It is my most watch DVD set. I can watch the show over and over and never tire of it! I’m watching it through again at the moment with aimingtobefit and it’s the first time she has seen the show. We are nearing the end of series 2. After we have watched a few episodes we will discuss it and even though I have been in many Tribe discussion groups before, I’m still finding new things within the show that I never noticed or realised before.

For more information read - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Tribe_%28TV_series%29

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