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ask me to post about anything - 1st May

What's your first/one of your first memories?
suggested by iamnotgemma

There are many things that I think I can remember from childhood, but actually it is only because I have been told about it or have seen the photos. But these three below are definitely my memories and are the earliest ones that I can recall.

Until recently my very earliest memory had been of something that happened when I was a toddler, before I had learnt to talk. Mom was holding my hand as we walked along the beach and I was wearing a really pretty red and white dress and bonnet that she had made for me. I truly loved it. As we walked along, I was paddling in the very shallows of the sea. All of a sudden I tripped up, landing face first in the water and wet sand. I began to cry and as I wasn’t a child who shed tears very often, my mom picked me up and comforted me thinking I had hurt myself or I had given myself a fright falling in the water. I wasn’t able to tell her that I hadn’t hurt myself at all and that actually, I was upset because I thought that I’d ruined my pretty outfit!!

The next memory I have is from a few days before my fifth birthday. I clearly remember sitting on the toilet on the day of the moon landing and thinking, “I’m going to try really hard to remember this day for the rest of my life”. Funnily enough I have a very clear memory of everything relating to the bathroom decor and not much memory of any of the moon landing facts. Lol!!

Lastly, at the beginning of January this year, Steve and I were watching a programme about giraffes and I, just making conversation, asked him if he had ever seen one in real life. He replied that he hadn’t and then strangely from nowhere I told to him that I had once seen one at a zoo, and that it had been so tall that it had scared me and made me cry!!! Steve found this comment really funny - that someone could be scared of something because it was too tall. He asked me how old I was and I replied that I had no idea as I’d never remembered the incident until that moment, but that I also remembered being in a pushchair at the time so I must have been young!
I rang my mom up and told her about suddenly remembering this incident and asked her to confirm whether it actually happened or not and if it had, how old I had been at the time. She replied that it was true and between us we worked out that it predated my earliest memory of falling in the water by a few months.
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