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It's Friday Meme Time Again!

from thefridayfive 

1) Who was your first kiss?
2) Who is the last person you kissed?
3) What is the story of your most romantic kiss?
4) What is the story of your worst kiss?
5) Who do you want to kiss right now?

1. frecklicious Tony with the bright red hair and lovely dark brown eyes when I was about 13 (see... I think I was born loving the gingers!)

2. Steve, about 25 minutes ago before he went home.

3. I think any kiss from someone who I've fancied, lost touch with, met again  who's told me that they had always fancied me but had been too shy to say, has been quite romantic and well worth the wait  (with the exception of Bruce!)

4. That award would undoubtedly go to strawberry blond Bruce!  (sorry mate if you ever happen to read this!) Met him at a concert in '80 with his friend Kevin. Started as a love square. Kevin took a fancy to me I took a fancy to Bruce, Bruce liked my friend and my friend liked Kevin. We got on well with them and hung out together for a while. Kevin tried to get me to go out with him but I really wasn't interested. Bruce and my friend got together and started dating. They went out for a few months and then split up. After about two years of friendship we drifted away from them. In '85ish my friend and I were in a club and we bumped into Bruce. He looked just as gorgeous as ever and as I used to be shy and had never made a first move before I said to my friend that before the night was out I was going to have kissed him. She just looked at me with a straight face and said 'I really wouldn't bother....SINK PLUNGER!!!'
I was too determined to kiss him to really believe her so I went over danced and flirted a bit and then snogged him, suddenly I was like 'OMG she was right.... suck my face off man!!!! SINK PLUNGER!!! needless to say I cancelled my plan of asking him out!!!

5. Right now.....hmmm...well I've just been reminiscing and looking through an old photo album so therefore I'd like to cash in three of my unused snog tokens for Jock, Justin and Eion.

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