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I seem to have had two weeks of really early mornings!

I've had my 6 month hospital check up for my Labyrinthitis (which thankfully is just about gone!), I've had my 4 week Gym assessment, met my sister for breakfast, had two mornings at Steve's flat while he had some workmen doing repairs, two Sundays I went to the early service, I met another friend for breakfast and on Saturday morning I had finished my weekly shopping and was walking out of the supermarket at 7am!

Tomorrow I have my appointment with the nurse to discuss the results of my blood tests a couple of weeks ago. I'll see if theres anything I can do to bring down my sugar level.

I'm getting to the gym when I can and I'm enjoying it. I'm going as a doctors referal scheme for healthy excersise and I can use the gym and the swimming pool for 12 weeks. before Christmas I did 7 weeks and then stopped when Mom became ill. I started a new 12 week block again four weeks ago. For these last four weeks I've just worked up to where I was before Christmas and then at my assessment she give me a different programme with goals to work towards for the next 4 weeks. A lot of my excercises involve walking on the treadmill, cycling, steps (since I moved out of the tower block I hardly come across steps at all!) and balance excercises. I have to take things carefully as lots of things upset my arthritis. one of my new excercises is lifting a 3lb weight up to my chin 10 times to strengthen my neck and spine. I know 3lbs is nothing but when I lifted the 4lb weight my spine hurt for a few days afterwards so it was back to the 3lb weight. It's funny because it isn't the weight itself because a bag of food shopping weighs more than that....but then you don't go lifting it up to your chin 10 times I suppose!

There's a new tea shop/craft shop opened in the village. The young lad who owns it is blind and you can just pop in and make cards and things. I haven't made anything yet as I've only been in for coffee but its a great little place.

What else?

Oh Steve and I went to the garden centre yesterday afternoon and I bought a load of plants to make a hanging basket. It looks lovely and I'll take some photos of it but it's been really dull and rainy today. Anyway across the road from the garden centre in the field were loads of lambs Aaaah! so I took a photo.

Tags: labyrinthitis

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