C.x (itsjustc) wrote,


Went to Hillsborough this morning to meet daisypeace at the coffee shop. Our other friend G who also usually meets up with us rang early to say she wasn't well and therefore wasn't coming.

I went to the bank first to pay some money in, called at Holland and Baratt to see if there was anything new that took my fancy but didn't end up buying anything. Went to the coffee shop and had an eye watering laugh with daisypeace as we recalled funny anecdotes of things that happened in the last couple of weeks since we met. I love her company so much! She just laughs constantly and uncontrollably at everything ,and then I can't help but to laugh along with her! She has definitely been a great tonic these last few months since mom died. Whenever I feel myself getting really down I just talk to her and she makes me come away laughing.

When she left for her voluntary work at 1pm I had a quick wander around the charity shops and then noticed a new Big Issue lad stood outside the precinct. I asked him if he'd had dinner which he hadn't and asked him if he'd like a sandwich or something and a drink. I popped to Greggs and bought a tuna sandwich and a tea that he'd requested.

Then I came home. On the bus I sat next to one of the elderly Deaf ladies that I met years ago when I used to help out at the Deaf Club. I asked about a mutual elderly Deaf friend who I last saw a couple of years ago at the hospital when we were both sat in the waiting room waiting to go for a Colonoscopy. She said he was well which I was pleased to hear about.

Got home, had a nap, more washing, messed about on the computer replying to emails and stuff, Then this evening relaxed on the settee and watched Big Brother and the first episode of the new series of Under The Dome. I'm glad it's back. Tonights episode had a very LOST feel to it, with the "have they really got out of the dome are are they dead or something else!"

So that's my day!
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