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Aaaggghhh!!! small rant time!

It's only a little one I promise!

Why oh why oh why do I go out with such an indecisive person with the memory span of a goldfish?

I know that I can be indecisive at times but I always have to make all the plans and preperations and then wait forever for him to make up his mind!!!

He's got 11 days off work and wants to go away somewhere...Last week I asked him where he wanted to go, cos there's no point me just saying lets jump in the car and go which I'd be happy to do, cos that's too sudden for him, he says Edinburgh, then maybe onto Iona. I say OK fine 'cos I'm really fine going anywhere.  A couple of days later I ring a place in Edinburgh and Iona and both have spaces so I ring to tell him and he says he never suggested Scotland - and he's not sure if that's where he wants to go! I say if you want to stay home that's fine by me too he says he can't stand the thought of wasting his holiday by not going anywhere.

So I ask him again....Cornwall! same routine, same ending!

So I ask him again...Edinburgh's back on the agenda this time going onto Skye. again same routine, same ending.

as you can imagine by  now he's driving me up the pole!

So I stop asking him and he starts asking me why I'm not coming up with any suggestions as to where we can go!

So I suggest a couple of places, but no they don't appeal either!

So I ask him again... and so the endless cycle goes on and on and on.

And I'm been driven further and further up the pole!!!

Up until this evening he was wanting to visit the north east of England. I said I'd like to see Durham, he wanted to see Berwick , no probs we can do both of them.

He's just rung to say goodnight to me...What's betting by the morning he's changed his mind again!!!!!!!!

(and it's not just holidays - he's like it with everything!)

Tags: men!, rant

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