C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

missing Christmas cards

I'm not asking this as a "Nobody has thanked me for my card" type of post but rather as a "Is someone in the UK postal service not delivering my cards" type post!

So just interested to know if anybody outside of the UK has actually received a card from me yet?

I posted them on 31st Nov - 4th Dec but so far I've only heard from 3 of the 25 international people that I sent them to! I do really hope you all get them before Christmas!

Actually, come to think of it..... has anyone in the UK apart from the 3 UK people who have told me their cards arrived, received one from me yet?

There was a year - I think it was 2009 - when not one of my cards arrived!! so you can see why I'm just wanting to check!
Tags: christmas cards

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