C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

Christmas cards

I recieved 4 lovely Christmas cards today -

I got one from Russia from kehlen_crow which contained a really lovely message, which I appreciated. I've never heard of leap years being unlucky in the UK....here, on the 29th February, it's the day when the women can propose to their loved ones (that tradition obviously go back to the days when women didn't ask first! lol!) and we get a few fun news items about 84 year olds who have finally reached their 21st birthdays and so are now legally adults and can have a drink :)

I got 2 cards from the US  the first was a lovely Noel card from mainemilyhoon and the other was from kehlen_crow's Christmas card exchange and was from majesticzaichik. I really hope you manage to visit Yorkshire one day soon x

And finally I got a beautiful cats in santa hats card from tellshannon815 in the UK. And of cause pictures of cats in santa hats or covered in baubles just really makes me smile!

So thank you to all four of you for your kind thoughts xxx
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