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The truth about my hols!


right ... I told you I demanded to go away on holiday, well this is how it all came about...

On the Friday morning after many months of indecision Steve finally had his hair dreaded.

Now....see.... I knew he'd hate it but I also knew that he'd have to try it to get it out of his system. So he'd decided by Saturday morning that he hated it and that he had made the wrong decision. So what had took the hair dresser four hours to put in, took me all day Saturday and Sunday to get out! and I made him promise me that he'd never do it again and that if he did, then he was never to ask me to take it out for him!

This I felt, then gave me the perfect right to demand that went on holiday on the Monday morning! Yay!

Monday Morning we set off and stayed in a B&B just out of the center of Durham. I really liked Durham and the Minster is HUGE!!! It's miles bigger than York! We looked around the center and had a walk by the river - all very pretty.

Tuesday we set off for Berwick Upon Tweed but took all day to get there and explored the coast on our way. As we took the coast road we somehow missed Alnwick and started in Alnmouth and visited loads of little villages along the coast having our lunch at a little cafe in Beadnell, we called in the tourist information at Seahouses and found that Tuesday was a bad day for the tides to Holy Island which meant we'd missed our chance as we couldn't get across after 12 noon,so we took our time and visited more little villages. We visited Bamburgh castle but didn't go in as time was getting on, but we had a walk on the beach and looked around the castle from the outside.  We stayed at the independant Youth Hostel in Berwick and it was a lovely clean place.

Wednesday morning we went to Holy Island and had the morning looking around at the ruins, the castle and the village. We spent the rest of the day looking around Berwick and looking around Charity shops.

We had booked into a youth hostel in Edinburgh for Thursday - Sunday nights that we have visited before but because they are building a tram system in the city the council had stopped street parking in that area and so we had the choice of paying £10 a day to park in a car park or park the car 45 mins walk away! That was our deciding factor about staying on the road and driving up to Iona. We stayed that night in Corran House in Oban. This place is actually an independent youth hostel but it has half the rooms as dorm rooms and half as on suite twin rooms with all the luxuries of a nice B&B. So we had a nice room with a lovely bath (most youth hostels just have showers!) TV in the room and Breakfast in the morning.

As it turned out we couldn't actually get in anywhere on Iona so we booked into a BEAUTIFUL B&B at Fionnfort (about 3 min walk from the ferry to Iona), and stayed Friday and Saturday nights there, visiting Iona for the day on Saturday. Everything was as perfect there as ever! I just love the place! The sun shone, the sea was a beautiful tourquoise and the sand a brilliant white. It was a little windy which made it chilly but what the heck! I was on Iona.

Sunday morning we drove back to Glencoe and stayed at the bunkhouse which I have to say was VERY basic! It was in a gorgeous setting in the woods at the base of the mountain but it wasn't that clean a place! The winds howled the rain belted down and we went to the local pub with an open fire.

Monday we spent the day driving home. We set off at 8.30am and arrived back at mine at 6pm.

Heres a few photos

This was a HUGE tree root on Alnmouth Beach.

Church at Beadnell

Bamburgh Castle

Iona Abbey (not my piccie!)

The Cloisters at Iona Abbey


The main road! (looking towards the north beach)

Me on the beach! The hat and big thick woolly jacket clash but haho there was no-one around for miles!

I know that those of you who do know me will be surprised to see me in a jumper (I wear sleeveless tops throughout summer and winter as I'm always warm) but I was actually cold sat on the beach!
Edit ; I found this picture on the net of Bamburgh Castle - mine wasn't very impressive! lol!

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