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As I was writing the last post I had to look up the plural of roof as I originally spelt it rooves. I'm sure that's the plural I learned at school! It now doesn't look right to me but grammatically it should be - like hoof/hooves and calf/calves

Well apparently rooves is still correct in the English language but it is so old and unused that it's not considered the standard spelling.

"Rooves as a plural for of roof is dated, but not incorrect. The Oxford English Dictionary lists “rooves” as an alternate to roofs, one of several outdated spellings used in the UK, and in New England as late as the 19th century."

It's interesting that as I am looking this up there are lots of people saying they learned to spell it rooves at school! Also some dictionaries are also saying that hooves is outdated and that most people say hoofs! well I never!

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