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I've suffered with Labyrinthitis for 9 or so years and finally went for loads of tests last year just to check that it wasn't anything else that they might have missed. After months of tests I was told that it was Labyrinthitis/visual vertigo - my eyes aren't telling my balance system the right information. I was invited to take part in a trial scheme at the hospital that started four and a half months ago, where I have to do several eye exercises three times a day to get my eyes and balance to learn to comunicate correctly. With each exercise you do it until you just start to feel woozzy and then stop (up to 20 each) I was doing ok with these eye exercises but at my last appointment three weeks ago my consultant told me that he felt I still wasn't ready for the next set of exercises which involves a DVD of lots of stripes and spinning patterns happening in all directions on my TV screen, but he told me to take it home and try it, but to only watch it once every other day and again to stop as soon as I feel dizzy.

The instructions on the DVD are to watch between 5 and 10 mins 3 times a day.

There are 12 different exercises on the DVD and the first time I tried it I only managed 1 min 19 secs overall!!

This gradually improved each time until Tuesday last week when I managed to watch 10 of the 12 for a full min! so I did 10 mins overall!!

Now that was all well and good and I was JUST okay....But then about 30 mins later I watched a TV show that used a hand held camera (which would probably have set my dizzyness off on its own!) and then I started with a dizzy attack!

But instead of stopping and resting I tried to carry on as if it wasn't happening - the paperwork from the hospital says that although it won't help with making you feel great, trying to carry on will help your eyes to comunicate better. Yeah! well I tried that for two days and then Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday last week I just had to stop. I couldn't do anything! I just had to lay still and close my eyes.....

It gradually eased off but it didn't really stop until yesterday.

Anyway my times on watching the DVD have improved again this week (I'd carried on doing them even when feeling dizzy and I'd gone back to 1min 06secs!) and I managed to watch nearly 6 mins today. I was worried that I'd pushed it too far again as I developed the headache and slight dizzyness again but I rested and kept still straight after and it all went off after about an hour.

So this is why I have been a bit quiet in commenting on journals this last week. It just so happened that last week before the dizzyness started, I had been experimenting with scheduled posts as I've never really done them before so some of my music posts last week were from then (I did run out on Sunday though lol!)

So I promise I will catch up with reading everyones journals in the next few days xx
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