C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

Rubbish writing for accidental TV spoilers when the UK is behind the US!!

This weeks new episode of Person Of Interest had a scene where Root, expecting to be killed says to Harold, "If the worst comes to pass, could you give Shaw a message?" to which Harold replies, "I think she already knows." On hearing this my ears pricked up and I thought what? have I missed something here? What was the message she wanted her to know? Are they hinting at something going on between them?

So I looked it up on the internet.....Unfortunately due to the writers dramatic writing and trying to be surprising, it turns out that when you look up whether the two of them are heading towards something together, it is unescapably linked to a major spoiler!! Damn!! If they hadn't written the two together, I would never have known what's about to happen and it would have still been a surprise to me!!!
Tags: annoying spoilers
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