C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

Lj problem

Is or has anyone else had problems with LJ saying you need to validate your email address?

I've had it before and I just pressed the putton, they sent me an e-mail and it re-validated everything.

This time I'm not getting an e-mail, (tried it 4 times now over the last couple of days). I've checked my spam folder and its not there. The next option was to change my email address - which I really didn't want to do so I typed in the new address and the password and it keeps telling me that its an invalid password!

I've sent a message to technical support but until I hear something theres lots of features that I can't use! Which I have paid for I should add!

....So as I can't send PM's I want to say thank you here to moredetails for the labels you sent to me. They arrived today and are very pretty.

And also to tudor_diva for your lovely Christmas card.

Thanks xx
Tags: lj problem
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