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A song that I like to turn up really, really loud whenever I hear it -

Wah! was one of the many lineups from within which Pete Wylie operated (The Mighty Wah! started later in 1984). 'The Story Of The Blues - Part One' which was released in 1982 and reached number 3 in the UK single charts, became, by far, his biggest hit. It receives more air time than all his other compositions put together. The song is about standing up in the face of adversity, fighting off depression and not caving in to set backs. It was inspired by The Boys From The Black Stuff, a fictional TV series by Alan Bleasdale, which tells of social strife in Wylie's hometown of Liverpool in the late 1970s. On a personal front, the song also refers to Wylie's terminal disagreements with record company WEA over the direction and control of his material.

The Story Of the Blues by Wah!

Which song do you like to turn up really loud whenever you hear it ?

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