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The sun shone today!

I've had quite a productive day today, Got some tidying up done (I'm not finished but I did get some done!) Did some glass painting, The sun came out at about noon so I decided to go out and visit my mom. As I'm away in Leicester tomorrow at a national British Sign Language day, I took her some flowers as It's her 80th birthday on Sunday. I'll see her Sunday but flowers would be hard to find on her actual B/D.

I had lunch with her and then my sister arrived to take her to the supermarket to do her shopping. So I went for a lovely walk in Hillsborough park. I really enjoyed it . The sun was shining, there were loads of squirrels running about, all the ground was covered in yellow leaves, it was beautiful. I had a walk around the pond and saw loads of geese, moor hens and plain old everyday ducks! The sky was just starting to go black again as I was about to leave the park. I managed to catch a bus home quite quickly so I was just outside the door to the flats when the heavens opened!

See how much better and happier I feel when the sun shines!
Tags: sunshine, walking

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