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I do apologise if I miss replying to any of your comments, especially if you replied a few days after the day I posted. I still haven't got my LJ problem sorted and I still can't validate my account. I'm not getting any notifications in my message inbox about comment posts so I'm having to go checking back every day.

So... one of the things I cant do is send PMs. I don't know if I can receive them as I don't know if anyone has tried to send me one, but I haven't had any since Christmas Eve so I'm guessing not - if someone would like to try to send me one and let me know what happens that would be good thanks!
This is going to give me problems for the Balderdash game as part of the game is everyone sending me their definitions by PM.

Another thing I can't do is schedule posts. Well I can schedule them but then when they should have posted just say 'error' at the bottom of the page.

aimingtobefit kindly paid for my years paid journal, this time, as I didn't have any money before Christmas. I'm quite cross that I'm only just paying her back now and I'm already paying for something that hasn't worked now for between 10 and 13 days!

Does anyone have any suggestions about who else apart from support (which I seem to remember is just other LJ people) I can contact to try and get my problem sorted out?
Tags: help
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