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Had my front bottom tooth out yesterday so I am now sat here with a falsey in! It wasn't at all painful and it was over really quickly, I think the dentists speech of what was about to happen lasted longer than the tooth removal!

He put his fingers in my mouth and went
to which I quickly replied
"Oh what?"
He laughed and answered
"Well! That's your tooth out!"

He's discussed an option for me to think about over the next couple of months - He can fit me a brace to close the gap as I do have a lot of crossed teeth then I won't have to wear the falsey anymore.

I wonder if I will get in the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest brace wearer!

He did tell me a few years ago that I was by far his oldest patient to have sprouted their first wisdom tooth. He said he'd given up the thought that they would ever come through.

Anyway that should be an end to all the tooth infection problems I've been having. Thank goodness!
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