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What a mad, mad week!

It seems as though I have been really, really busy all this week.

On Saturday I went to a signing day in Leicester run by the Christian group 'Go Sign' whose aims are to
Use BSL to communicate Jesus in the Deaf Community
Equip Deaf people with Christian resources in BSL
and Raise awareness of Deaf issues in the wider Christian community

There were about 600 people there. The ratio was about 450 Deaf people to 150 hearing.  The day was led by Deaf people and it was quite a new experience for me to take part in fully Deaf worship. They had a group of three women on the stage at the front with an very loudly amplified simple drum beat that made the furniture and the floor vibrate. The words were up on the screen and the women led us all to sign to the beat!
Then we had several Deaf drama groups give performances and The Deaf Youth for Christ group danced with integrated signing, I really enjoyed it, it was really good.

It was great to see friends I had made at Summer School again and it was also great to meet new Deaf people from all over the United Kingdom. I've now got several more friends on MSN and face book ;)

Sunday was Remembrance Sunday and for the first time since we have been going out together (nearly 13 years!) Steve asked to come to church with me!
To be honest it I can't see him going with me again for a very long time as he moaned that when he went to the town centre for Remembrance Sunday the year before it had only lasted half an hour and this year it had been about an hour!

It was also my mom's 80th Birthday so  we went to spend some time with her and give her her card and pressies.

Monday I had my assessment at college. We had to choose a news item in BSL from 'Deaf Station' which is an internet daily news page for the Deaf. We had to watch it through once then watch it again in small chunks and then tell the tutor what had been said. The item was in a different regional sign language (it's like having different dialect in spoken language). I picked a news item about British Airways pre tax losses. I had quite a few different percentages and profits and losses.  I was so nervous I went to jelly! He kept telling me to relax! He told me when I had finished that I had done well and only made one mistake. I had said that the very last sign was 50.6% when in fact it was 15.6%, but he did comment that because I was nervous my signing was a bit on the slow side. I took my DVD disc home to watch (because I now have to self assess it) and could see what he meant straight away! I can see me having to do this assessment again just because of my productive signing even though it was a receptive assessment!

Monday afternoon and evening I just flopped and couldn't keep my eyes open so I had a really early night.

I have the first of three Craft Fayres in two weeks time and so I am busy doing glass painting at any spare opportunity.

So Tuesday I worked on my glasses and then went to the craft afternoon with the young people in the village again we finished off the glass painting from the previous week and then varnished everything.

Wednesday - Another morning of working on my glasses. In the afternoon I dared to have a second look at my assessment DVD and start the self assessment paperwork.

In the evening I went to an ABBA tribute night in the village hall. I was kindly given a free ticket to see the band last week. It was fun. They weren't too hot musically - I might even have been upset if I had paid for the ticket! but it was fun and as a lot of the young people from Tuesday were there it helped build more bridges and for me to get to know them more.

Today. Well today I have been working on my glasses again from this morning until about an hour ago. Oh... I took a break at lunch time to watch last nights episode of Heroes. I think that must be the only thing I've watched all week!

Tomorrow morning I'm going to my mom's again and then in the afternoon I'm meeting my cousin aka aimingtobefit  for a coffee, lunch and a girlie chat!

So that's it ..... that's my week!

Tags: british sign language, busy, crafts, deaf worship, glass painting, go sign

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