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65 years of UK Christmas No1s - 1952

Al Martino - Here In My Heart

"Here in My Heart" was written by Pat Genaro, Lou Levinson, and Bill Borrelli, and published in 1952.

The song sung by Al Martino made history as the first number one on the UK single chart on 14 November 1952. It remained in the top position for nine weeks, setting a record for the longest consecutive run at number one, a record which, over 60 years on, has only been beaten by five other tracks.

By staying at number one until 1953, "Here in my heart" became the first UK Christmas No.1 and Martino secured for himself the record of being the only performer to have a number one hit in the entire year of 1952. No subsequent act has ever dominated the top spot so entirely in any later year.

The track was Martino's only UK number one hit. His subsequent releases failed to reach the top of the chart, and his final UK chart appearance was in 1973, when a reissue of "Spanish Eyes" reached the top five.

My love of collection the UK Christmas no1s actually started on the 24th November 1993 when I was set a sponsored challenge by a local radio station to find as many of the songs as I could in 30 days! The songs I had collected in the 30 days would be played on the Christmas Eve afternoon show and for every 78, 45, Cassette or LP recording that was broadcast (this was obviously before CDs, Mp3s or the internet!) the radio station would donate some money to charity.

This song was played on the radio show from a cassette of Al Martino's Greatest Hits Album. I found the single at a record fair a few years later for £4.
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