C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

65 years of UK Christmas No1s - 1960

Cliff Richard and the Shadows - I Love You

"I Love You" is the fourth UK number-one hit single (and the second of 1960s) by Cliff Richard and The Shadows. It was written by Shadows' rhythm guitarist Bruce Welch. Released in December, it was a Christmas No. 1 and stayed at the chart summit for two weeks, although it did not carry a traditional holiday theme.

This was a single that I didn't actually buy until many years after I had started collecting. I had done my own research in 1993 by looking through chart books and there were a few years where the new chart day actually fell on the 26th or 27th Dec and there was a new no1. In my list I had counted whatever song was no1 actually on 25th Dec and hadn't realised that for a while the chart dates were actually "week ending" and not "week beginning". With the development of the internet, the list of UK Christmas no1s became available on line, and I realised that I had listed several songs wrong. The 1960 Christmas no1 being one of them as I had thought it was "It's Now Or Never" by Elvis Presley.

I had bought the Elvis single in 1993 at a charity shop for 50p. After I realised I had bought the wrong single it took ages to find a copy of this and I eventually bought it on 7 inch single in about 2003 at a record fair. It was one of my more expensive buys at £8.
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