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I've been catching up over the last couple of days on the last four episodes of the first series. I recorded then from BBC 3 just before Christmas and then for the life of me could not find them anywhere! Then after I'd watched them I found the "They Keep Killing Suzie" episode. I thought that that was a really good idea to bring her back, as her part in the first episode seemed strange and a bit sudden.
Loved Iando and Jacks comment about things you can do with a stop watch!

Then last night watched the two episodes first on BBC2 and then next weeks on BBC3. I really enjoyed the Adam character, I just love mind manipulation stuff! Plus it was an added bonus that he was a hot strawberry blond. I missed the first few minites of the programme and thought "What? who's he?" It's on again tonight so I'm going to watch the beginning to see what I missed. I really enjoyed it but my friend commented afterwards that it was a strange episode as it didn't move the storyline or the characters forward, seeing how they all forget and then it's as though those two days never happened. Ha! Maybe Reece ought to remind them all. Although he didn't know about Adam he obvioulsy knew something was up and when they all can't remember the last two days he's going to find it all a bit odd.

As for Reset, I'll not spoil it for those without digital, but it was really good to see Martha.  Her conversation with Ianto was an absolute treasure. As for the end I had to shout  'Oohh nooo surely not!"  at the telly.  It can't really just end like that. We shall have to see what happens in the next episode.
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