C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

I've been busy making things! - Part 1

Here's an update of all the craft stuff that I've been making and some photos. (my camera is awful when it comes to using the macro lense!)

Well at the youth group for the last two weeks they have been happily making Christmas cards to sell and send to their friends. Here's one they made for me to photograph and post on here. (sorry if you're not in America!)

  Outside                    Inside

I seem to have lost some piccies somewhere! oh well!

This week we made lanterns, door hangers and a Christmas pompom thingamy.

The lantern

lit up with a candle.

The Christmas pompom thing.

This did start off as a Father Christmas but however I tried to do some sort of white beard it looked really awful so it ended up being just a Christmas thingamy!

My door hanger example - they made more Christmasy ones.



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