C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

Embarrassing forgetful moment!

Steve and I went to see his family as they all gather together on Boxing day. His family like mine are very close, but Steve isn't really one for family socialising so we haven't seen everyone together in one place since last Boxing day.

Steve's sister has 7 boys and 1 girl. The youngest will be 16 in two weeks time. Steve is rubbish at remembering any of his nephew's (or even his 1 neice's) names and has always got away with it by jokingly saying to them all "which one are you?" as if he can't remember (which he can't!) But gets away with it because hes the funny uncle that they all love. When they have gone he will quietly asks me to remind him of their names...... But today one of the boys joking asked me "Which one am I?" And embarrassingly for the life of me I couldn't recall his name!!! In my head I was going through all their names and birth orders and realised I was missing a name! I eventually, while embarrassed, had to admit that I couldn't remember! I hate to think what he or Steve's family thought! - we've only been going out for 21 years....it looked really bad like I didnt know which one he was, rather than a case of forgetting his name!!!

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