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By Royal Appointment

Elizabeth stepped out of bed and stared at the woman glaring back at her from the full length mirror. Dressed in a long blue faded flannelette nightgown, red woolly bedsocks and with green curlers wound tightly in her white hair, she looked exactly like any other elderly lady. Her wrinkled face was kind and gentle but extremely pale and tired. Feeling as exhausted as she appeared, she wondered whether the shopping centre visit this morning was such a good idea. It wasn’t the sort of place she would normally go to, but it was so nearby, and she knew she would have fun once she got there. Suddenly, in defiance of ageing, she twisted a silly grotesque face at the old woman in the mirror. The reflected childish gurn amused her, causing her to giggle and wonder whether anyone would recognise her if they were to see her right now.

After washing and applying her make-up, she opened the wardrobe and decided to wear the iconic 90th Birthday outfit that a friend had made for her last year; A neon green jacket with silver buttons, matching hat, white gloves and handbag, pearl necklace and earrings and a sparkly brooch pinned onto the left side of her jacket. All her life she had tried hard to look her best whenever she left the house. As a young woman she would turn heads as she went by and had quickly learned how to politely smile and wave at anyone who stared at her.

At 10.30am precisely, the doorbell rang. Opening the door she was delighted to a see a well dressed chauffeur. He politely greeted her, than walked over to open the back door of what appeared to be a beautiful black Bentley State Limousine. As exquisite and as comfortable as the car was, her hips ached and she was thankful for the exceedingly short journey. The shopping centre was only around the corner from her home but it all added to the illusion that she had travelled a long way. At the sight of her arrival, the enormous crowd that had gathered in the high street square cheered in excitement.

As the door was opened by the chauffeur, she stepped gracefully out of the car. She smiled and walked slowly down the plush red carpet toward the loud gentleman stood at the doorway who was dressed in a smart black suit with a garish, red and gold shiny dicky bow. He shouted excitedly with an extremely broad local accent into the microphone.

“Ladies and Gentlemen it’s my great honour and privilege to present to you this morning at our brand new branch of ‘World of Kingdom Carpet’s’ our official guest and ribbon cutter – our local, home grown lady of royalty, Mrs Elizabeth Webster, who many of you will know, for over 50 years, has worked as THE BEST Queen Elizabeth the Second lookalike. Your Majesty, would you kindly do us the honour of officially opening our shop.”

Stepping up to the microphone, the people silently waited in anticipation, as the suited man handed her the golden scissors. Her Received Pronunciation accent amplified across the busy pedestrian square in front of her. “This is a very happy day for me; as I declare this carpet shop open!”

Cutting the large purple ribbon that ran across the doorway, she turned and waved royally at the large applauding crowd, and said a silent prayer of thanks for all the opportunities in life, that her looks and voice had given to her, and wished for future good health and happiness to the real Queen Elizabeth.


This is my entry for therealljidol, second chance,

Topic 1 - First Impression


Tags: literary prize fight, lj idol, second chance, topic 1
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