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He lives in hope.


“Truth, dare, kiss, or promise, Zac?” she asks me.

“Oh Kiss,” I answer excited. Any opportunity to kiss Lily and I’m right there! “No doubt about it. Definitely kiss!”

She sighs. “Oh Zac! You are so predictable! You always pick kiss!”

“I know Lily,” I sigh wistfully, “but I live in hope that one day you’ll let me kiss you.”

She smiles at me angelically. “You know what, Zac, I might actually let you kiss me later if you go and make me a drink of hot chocolate.”

I hurry into the kitchen, fling open the cupboard door and grab the ingredients. I love Lily. I’d do absolutely anything for her. She is just the prettiest girl in the whole wide world, and if making her a hot chocolate puts me in with a higher chance of getting a kiss, then that’s absolutely fine by me!

She adds sweetly from the dining room, “And don’t forget I want cream and marshmallows on top as well, will you.”

A few minutes later, I present her with her lovingly prepared drink.

“Do I get my kiss now, Lily?”

“I only said ‘might’ Zac!” She teases. “No, for this round, I want you to flick through your Dad’s old vinyl LPs and kiss the sixth women you come across.”

I sigh “That’s boring! All I ever do whenever we play this game, is either kiss strange women on various record covers or ugly women on the TV screen! I think I should be allowed to kiss a person who is actually alive, and one who is sat not far away from me right now!”

Lily stands up quickly and paces across the dining room once before her face lights up. “Ah-ha!” She smiles. “I have it! As you are fed up with kissing the women I usually arrange for you to kiss, the only other person who sat down near to you, is Michael! Yes that’s it! I want you to go into the front room and kiss Michael!”

“What!… Yuck!… No!...” There is no way I am kissing my older brother! That’s horrid! Absolutely not! Michael is definitely not the person I had in mind! “I don’t want to kiss him!”

“Zac,” she says, as if butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth “I know you don’t want to do it, but, to be in with a chance of kissing me, you have to go and kiss Michael first. And if you don’t kiss him, your forfeit will be to take off all your clothes and walk naked to the newsagents shop at the end of the road and buy a pint of milk.”

I contemplate my options. Kissing Michael or naked shopping? Both sound extremely humiliating and neither involve me kissing Lily! I sigh and figure that kissing Michael is the lesser of the two evils. As I hurry out of the room, Lily follows and waits in the doorway.

I run up to my older brother who is sitting watching TV, as fast as I can, kiss him on his lips and run away. Michael is taken by surprise and automatically reacts by trying to swipe me across the head. It’s a close shave, but I successfully manage to avoid his attack. Lily laughs as I hastily scamper past her.

“Right, Zac it’s my turn to choose,” she informs me as she walks back into the dining room. “You have to ask me whether I want Truth, dare, kiss, or promise now.”

I’ve got a strong feeling she’s conned me somehow. “What happened to my kiss?”

“You just had your turn. You kissed Michael. You’ll have to wait until it’s your turn again.”

“This game just isn’t fair!” I tell her grumpily. If there’s one thing I hate it’s getting conned! “I don’t want to play any more!”

“Look, just ask me, Zac!” she replies sounding bored.

Suddenly a brilliant idea suddenly comes into my head. One so fantastic Lily will have to kiss me. It can’t fail! “Kiss, Kiss, Kiss or Kiss, Lily?” I laugh triumphantly.

“You know that’s not the name of the game, Zac” she sighs, “and if you don’t ask me properly, I shall go home. I’m starting to get quite bored with you now.”

“Oh, don’t go.” I beg. I hate the sound of my voice when I’m begging, it squeaks in all sorts of unusual and uncontrollable directions, but if me begging her to stay is what she wants to hear, then so be it! “I’ll ask you properly Lily, honest! - Truth, dare, kiss, or promise?”

She smiles sweetly, “Dare!”


“Don’t pull a face like that at me, Zac!”

I pout, “Well! You're not supposed to pick dare. You’re supposed to pick kiss!”

“No, I’m not. I can pick whichever one I want to pick!”

I sulk. “I don’t want to play this game anymore!”

“Just pick a dare for me,” she sighs.

I realise I’m not getting anywhere with the ‘kissing Lily’ part of this game and today’s probably not going to be my lucky day.

I give her ‘Dare’ a bit of thought and knowing how close, a few moments earlier, Michael had been to hitting me, and knowing how much I hate him most of the time, I decide it would be great fun to annoy him further.

“Okay, Lily” I reply giggling, “I dare you to go and tell Michael that you really, really, really, really, really really, fancy him and you want him to be your boyfriend.”

Lily nearly chokes on her hot chocolate and flushes with embarrassment. She talks slowly and gently to me as if I’m some sort of idiot. “You don’t really want me say that to him, do you, Zac? That probably wouldn’t be a very wise thing for me to do. I know I tease and torment you all the time, but you really are my best friend in the whole wide world and to be honest, saying that to Michael really wouldn’t be fair to you at all. Why don’t I give you another a minute or two to think of a different dare for me to do while I drink my hot chocolate?”

I can’t believe my luck! I can suddenly see another chance to kiss her. Oh I can’t believe how cunning and clever I am. I am so pleased with myself for coming up with such a brilliant plan “You’ll have to pay a forfeit of kissing me naked if you don’t.” I grin.

She looks intently at me before shaking her head slowly in disbelief. Putting down her drink on the dining table, she turns and slowly walks out of the room.

OH BLAST! Lily is actually going to go ahead with the dare instead of kissing me!

DAMN! Why did I stupidly suggest the naked bit? I shouldn’t have suggested the naked bit! Why did I try to push the game that bit further? She might have actually kissed me if I’d not asked her to take her clothes off! I am such a stupid, stupid, stupid idiot sometimes!

Following her into the living room, I watch from the doorway as Lily slowly and deliberately approaches Michael. She speaks to him in a hushed whisper, and my brother blushes slightly before he replies.

Then Michael takes her in his arms and kisses her in the way that only I, myself, should be allowed to kiss her, and not only that, but she seems to be kissing him just as much.

Damn! Not only have I lost the SILLY kissing game, but I’ve lost Lily as well.

“STUPID, STUPID, STUPID KISSING GAME!” I curse, as I kick the door frame hard, and stomp back into the dining room on my own.


This is my entry for therealljidol

Week 17 (1 of 5) - Salad Days


Tags: lj idol
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