C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

It’s a dirty job, but someone’s got to do it.


As departmental head, he keeps a close eye on all his employees. He knows everything about their activities at work and knows exactly who takes their breaks, and when. He has full access to all their computers and monitors their usage closely. It’s just something he has always done, as part of his job, to make sure no important government secrets are given away.

Recently, he has taken to watching his new secretary and does it quite often.

He can’t help but observe her during the day, as she carries out her duties. He scrutinizes every tiny detail about her, is fascinated by her laugh, finds irresistible that broad beaming smile she gives to those she likes as well as the slightly smaller lopsided one she presents to those of whom she doesn’t. He has a weakness for the way she raises her eyebrow when she is questioning his order and is even attracted to the strange way she contorts his face when she gets angry with him.

Naturally, he has bugged all his employees’ homes. He loves to watch them at night and obviously considers this the most enjoyable perk of his job.

But in the last month he has really got to know his secretary’s routine and knows exactly the best time to watch. He has become acquainted with every smooth curve of her elegant naked body, appreciates every silent aspect of her slender figure shown off to perfection by the lamplight in her room. Is aware of the mole above her left knee, the tiny birthmark on her right shoulder blade and even the faded appendix scar that no-one else knows about.

He is thrilled and excited by her.

And aroused by the fact that neither she, nor any of his employees, have any idea they are being watched.


This is my entry for therealljidol

Week 17 (2 of 5) - Vigilance


Tags: lj idol
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