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The meaning of life, the universe, and everything.

When I started in the second chance contest at the beginning of January, I honestly never expected to last more than a week, let alone end up going through to the main contest. Then, I never expected to last more than a week in the main contest. The next steps of reaching top 20, possibly the only non US person in the top 18, top 10 and finally, top 8, were all amazing.

I have really enjoyed my time as a contestant in this season of therealljidol. I have met some lovely, encouraging people and think it is wonderful and am thankful that everyone’s voting support for my writing has grown tremendously, from my first entry in the second chance contest, as an unknown, to this week, when I think I have gained my most points and highest position.

I have managed to keep every ‘sudden death write off’ day clear, since January 1st - ‘Just in case’ - but I knew last week when the closing date was announced, that ending up in the write off this week would be a problem, as a relative would be staying with me for a couple of days.

However, today’s arrangements with my relative ended up being cancelled. At 3am, as I woke up from an hour of sleep last night, I started being sick and I developed a very unpleasant stomach upset. As I have an ileo-anal pouch and no bowel at all, what would for others be a twenty-four hour bug, usually makes me really ill for five to ten days and I’m already fed up of travelling between the bathroom and the bedroom!

I am due to go away in sixteen days time, and feel it’s now quite important for me to work on getting some rest, getting better from this stomach bug, and being well enough to travel.

This will be the first holiday I’ve had in a couple of years, and it was booked in November. I’m heading to the Isle of Iona, on the Scottish Hebrides for Easter week (19th-27th April). It’s the place I wrote about in my ‘Happy Place’ entry. Again, I never expected to be still in the contest sixteen days before my holiday and now realise that if I by some miracle I had been lucky enough to still be in the contest in a couple of weeks time, I would have had to sacrifice before I set off, as the island is one of the last places on earth to not have any mobile signal or internet connection – which is also one of the reasons I go; to get away from technology for a week.

So… I have unfortunately had to make the very hard decision to sacrifice my place in the sudden death write off and let Sonreir go through to the next round. By sacrificing, I can get the rest I need, and Sonreir will be able to avoid going through the process of voting day, plus I think I also get to have the last position on the jury!

There is still a little voice in my head, that keeps telling me I was brought up not to quit, but when I add up the number of times I’ve quit something in my life, I can still count them on one hand! I know that I will probably have a ‘What if?’ moment in a few days time, but right now the thought of resting and getting better, gives me more brain relief than carrying on does.

I would like to say a big thank you to all the previous contestants and my LJ friends for all your comments and votes - I’ve really appreciated them.

And lastly, I wish the final six contestants all the best of luck. I’ll be happy with whoever wins. You are all fantastic writers, and I’m really pleased to have got to know you and to have played along with you this season.

So long and thanks for all the fish.

Carol xx
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