C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

LJ Idol

As hugely tempted as I am to join in with therealljidol this season, I think, regrettably, I'm not going to be able to.

For the last five Decembers, I have had to spend all month filling in massively long official forms that have taken up the whole of the month and have forced me to turn down Christmas get-togethers with my friends, be late sending Christmas cards and presents, not put up my Christmas tree or decorations, or simply just relax and watch some bad Christmas tv!!! As last years form was hopefully the last until at least Dec 2020, I made a new years resolution to treat myself, enjoy, and relax this December/Christmas without rushing or stressing. All year I've been turning down anything that is going to take up time in December as I'm determined to party/relax/do whatever I fancy doing, - I think I have forgotten what a non-rushed, non-stressful Christmas/December feels like!

Having said all that, I do still plan to be as involved as possible, reading, voting, commenting and recommending peoples writing - as I have really made a lot of friends in this groups and I look forward to chatting with everyone again.

So... I wish everyone competing in this season of LJ idol - all the best and good luck xxx
Tags: lj idol

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