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Ashes To Ashes

Just finished watching it and OMG did that bring back memories.

The day before the Royal wedding was my birthday and for weeks before I had been pestering my mom and dad  to let me go down to London to go to the Blitz club (where alex went) with my friends for my birthday! My dad flatly refused.

It was funny that they had their information right having Boy George working as the cloak room attendant and Steve Strange on stage. I also noticed that they had other famous look alike characters in the background.

All the music sends me right back to that time -  all the new romantic stuff  and other bits,
'I hear you now' by Jon & Vangellis,
'Money' by The Flying Lizards
'Fade to gray' by Visage
'Swords Of A Thousand Men' by Tenpole Tudor
'Geno' by Dexy's Midnight Runners
'Fascist Groove Thing' by Heaven 17
'Souvenir' by OMD
'Gercha' by Chas and Dave
and of course 'Ashes to Ashes' which cleverly uses the David Bowie Perriot as a theme running throughout the programme.

I do think Alexs outfits are bit on the prostitute side of that years fashion though - and she's had several chances to change out of her clothes. The material and colours are right, but for her, with her hair style, she would have been more of a blue satin jumpsuit woman, or even satin leggings. Skinny jeans were the new trend after the end of flares and I remember sewing all the legs of my jeans up so skin tight I used to get knee ache as there wasn't even enough room to bend them!

And what a beautiful De'lorean - but I'm sure the Audi Quattro they drive didn't appear until about '85ish

As for Rupert Graves I actually started to fancy him during this year!

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