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2nd Assessment!

I went to college this morning and filmed my 2nd assessment.  None of us are sure whether this is just a productive assessment or productive and receptive together?

This one was a group discussion - me, one other female student and one of our Deaf tutors.

We discussed "the fear of crime" for about 10 mins. The girl had lots of crime statistics from the government and I had facts and figures about Crimestoppers and had yesterday found an article about the effectiveness of CCTV cameras. I managed to stay very calm. I've had a quick look this afternoon at it and it seem that I joined in the conversation equally, asked questions. Most importantly, the thing he said last time was that my productive signing was a bit on the slow side. I think it's at a good speed today and my fluency looked a lot better than the last assessment as well. Let's hope it's ok. I've now got all the paperwork/self assessment bit to go through again.

I think I'm going to need my cousin aimingtobefit  to help me by talking me through all the English jargon again.

Anyway I will see what my tutor says next monday.......
Tags: british sign language

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