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Top 20 hunks of the '80's (according to The Hits Channel)

I've just been watching this programme and feel that I had to make some comments.

Who decides on these lists!

20. Japan - Ghosts
Ok good start! David Sylvian in this video looks really  gorgeous. I always thought he was hot. I had a few posters of him on my wall.

19. Haircut 100 - Fantastic Day
Nick Haywood. Not so good but not bad. I always thought he had a young sweet innocent boy next door look. A lot of my friends used to fancy him. Went to see them in concert but Nick sang out of tune for most of it.

18. Richard Marx - Right Here Waiting
Richard Marx was never my cup of tea! I personally think he has that Kate Moss look - his eyes are too far apart. Again quite a lot of my friends fancied him.

17. Terrence Trent D'Arby- Let Me Stay
He surprised me by sneaking up on my mind - I went to see Simply Red in concert and he was supporting. I must admit my eyes were popping out on stalks! What a body!

16. Rick Astley - Whenever You Need Somebody
Again a boy next door, but must admit I thought his voice was really good.

15. INXS - Need You Tonight
Now we're talking! Micheal Hutchence and his brother were both hot. I remember going to see them in concert and discovering the difference between men like David Sylvian and Michael Hutchence.

14. Culture Club - Do you really want to hurt me
Never fancied Boy George - I'd been to the INXS concert by then! Saw them in concert though and enjoyed it. What this song really reminds me of is going to a sponsored 24 hour disco the week that this song was released. So I heard it for the first second and third time during that 24 hours!  It also reminds me of a lovely young man who was at the 24 hr disc and wore leg warmers and had the hair and the look of Christopher Atkins in Blue Lagoon, with a mix of Chance Harper in Strange Luck. After that we used to follow each other around college every day like lost puppies but by the time we left 7 months later we still hadn't got passed the stage of smiling at each other. (missed opportunities eh!)

13. Bon Jovi - You Give Love A Bad Name
I liked Jon Bon Jovi - I think I always had a thing for long hair. Went to see them a few years ago when it was really expensive, but managed to get a job working behind the bar for the evening. When they came on no-one came to the bar for drinks so as well seeing them in concert for free, I got paid as well.

12.Glenn Maderios - Nothing's Gonna Change The Way I Feel
Oh dear no! sorry to anyone who does like him, but just no!

11. Johnny Hates Jazz - Shattered Dreams
Clark Datchler and Calvin Hayes - they left so little impression on the attractiveness scale that I had to look up their names on the internet!

10. Kajagoogoo - Too Shy
I fancied both Limahl and Nick Beggs and had posters of them on my wall

9. Paul Young - Every Time You Go Away
Great voice but he was my younger sisters favourite. She had posters and she played his music all the time. I payed for her to join the fan club which cost £4.

8. Brother Beyond - He Ain't No Competition
Again made so little impression I had to look their names up on the internet.

7. Adam And The Ants - Stand And Deliver
Adam Ant - I thought he was attractive especially in his highwayman days! My friend really really fancied him. It reminds me of a youth theatre group I was in at the time and we were doing a play set in early biblical times. This lad there who thought he was gods gift and drove me up the pole, decided that his character should wear an Adam Ant white stripe across his face! ok, whatever!

6. A-Ha -Take On Me
Have to say that this is still one of my favourite videos ever! I know this was a list of attractiveness but the video is damn good. They use Rotoscoping and animation and it won the MTV best video 1986 award. Back to Morten, Pal and Mags although Morton comes across the best in photographs I think that they were all quite attractive in real life. I saw them in concert before they had ever been heard of here. I had a Norwegian friend staying over and she suggested we went to see them playing at a little tiny venue near me, saying that they were going to be hugh in Norway. 

5.Jason Donovan - Too Many Broken Hearts
I wasn't a Jason Donovan fan. He had too many young children as fans and I was working hard long hours at that time so I never saw the early days of Neighbours.

4. Spandau Ballet - Gold
I personally liked Gary Kemp. I thought he was more attractive than Tony Hadley. I liked Spandau ballet in their really early pre-chart days.

3. Bros - When Will I Be Famous
Pleeease kill me now!!! Sorry if you loved them but - yuck!

2. Wham - I'm Your Man
Again liked their early stuff and I could see what people saw in them but not for me. One of my friend's auntie was shirlie from Wham!

1. Duran Duran - Wild Boys
I was a hugh hugh fan of Andy Taylor and I never saw any where near enough of him in any of the videos. I went to see Duran Duran, The week after Girls On Film came out. It was actually my first concert. I also saw Andy Taylor on his solo tour years later and he is gorgeous. As for this this video! Wow! it is another of my all time favourites. Very Mad Max. I think it's the one time I found Simon Le Bon attractive but that's not surprising he is tied to a windmill , getting very wet!

As I said before who chooses these lists.

Out of interest send my your top 10 pin ups of all time -
I'll post mine when I've had a think about it.
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