C.x (itsjustc) wrote,


I'm taking a break!

I've been tidying - but you know how it gets disastrously worse before it gets better? Well the flat is like that at the moment!  My flat has no storage whatsoever and I've got tons of stuff I need to get rid of. I'll have to visit the charity shop I think!

OMG I was about to say that my nearest one was a bus ride away but we've got a new one open quite close to me! - right Charity shop here I come in the morning!

I knew the flat was so bad it would take a few days *sigh*

This is the new single for Children In Need.
I love Terry Wogan and I've always had a secret thing for my little Aled so together they make the perfect combination.

And I'd much rather it be Christmas No1 than any of the x factor/pop idol stuff - GIVE SOME ELSE A CHANCE WILL YOU, REALITY SHOWS!!!

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