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I've been away for a few days over New Year to Scarborough. IT'S BEEN FREEZING COLD!!!! The weather men said that it was about -5C (23ishF) but then add the sea front wind chill and it makes for a very very cold, through to the bone, can't get warm, four days break! So now I've finally caught that cold bug that I'd been successfully fighting for the last three weeks. I don't feel too ill at the moment - just coughing like mad and I've got no voice.

I've had a good time. We went out a couple of nights for meals and went to a fancy dress Karaoke for New Years Eve. My voice just started to go at about 11.30pm so I sang a few songs in the earlier part of the night but just got up and danced for the rest. We watched people setting fireworks off on the beach at midnight before going back inside the pub to get warm.

On New Years Day in Scarborough they have this mad 'New Years Dip' where people dress up in fancy dress and then run down the beach and into the sea!!! It was about  -10C (14ish F) at midday when they did it. They must have been mad!!!! The event was heralded by the town crier.

It's such a long time since I've seen one I had to take a photo.

When I got home about 6pm to the freezing cold flat I turned on the heating and hot water and....Nothing!!! One hour of shivering later I rang the council to ask someone to come and fix it for me at first they said they couldn't but when he asked me my address and he realised it was an address where I pay for my heating and hot water in my rent he apologised and said he would send someone. At 9pm the man turned up, fiddled with something in the cupboard and then told me that it was working and that I hadn't turned it on!! yeah right!!

I'm not stupid!! I know how to turn my heating on!! I've been doing it for the last 20 years!!

Anyway I was able to have a nice bath and the flat warmed up. Then it got hot so I turned it down.  It then seemed to get even hotter so I turned it off and still the radiators were on at full blast.  At 1am when I turned it off at the main switch in the cupboard I knew something was wrong for sure. Even with the main electric switch for the heating switched off, my radiators were still on at full blast!!!

I rang them again this morning and they have just been and changed a part about 30 mins ago so we shall see what happens next!!

Anyway it all looks quite nice outside today, the sun is shining but still looks cold. I'm going to venture out to my corner shop later for some bread and a TV guide.


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