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I have been having a real Tribe fest this weekend - I started watching all the episodes again from series one in August and I am now up to series five around episode 46ish. I'm quite sad that I can see that the end is in sight! I just love being scared by Mega. Talk about Psychological, he's the mind manipulating king! Just been watching the episode where Jack steals Mega's core files and has to escape from the city with Lex.

I started two communities last week 80s_stuff and 70s_stuff

Steve has had a bad cold for the last few days and because I'm waiting to go in to hospital for my gall bladder operation he's keeping away so I don't catch it.

I seem to have had so much time on my hands these last few weeks it's really strange. When I was due to go in for the op on the 2nd Feb, I had cancelled everything for four weeks - then the op was postponed, So at the moment I have no Tenants Association meetings, no council meetings, no church stuff, no village magazine writing, I have lots of time for meeting friends for dinner, practicing my sign language, reading Tribe fanfics, writing Tribe fanfics, to watch The Tribe, I'm doing too little housework, too little walking in the countryside, and I'm in need of a holiday. I usually visit my friend Caroline on the Isle of Skye in March but it looks like it will have to be a much later visit this year

Tags: 70s_stuff, 80s_stuff, mega, the tribe

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