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Wow! I've experienced an earth tremor!

It's the first one I've ever felt. I live on the twelth floor and my flat moves in the wind so imagine how much it moved in a tremor! I was in bed just having dropped off to sleep and it felt as though the bed shook and there was some loud banging noises.

News has just come on the tv saying that it was 4.7 magnitude and the epicenter was about 45 miles away from me, but it sounds as though it was felt all over England.

I'll try and go back to sleep now. Bit difficult now 'cos I'm wide awake!

2.30 am - New news has said it was a 5.1. and the epicenter was about 35 miles away.

I know that if you live in an Earthquake area this will probably seem very mild, but we don't get them that often in the UK!

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