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I watched 'Your Country Needs You' last night that I'd recorded from Saturday evening.

It's a programme about the UK or more presicely Andrew Lloyd Webber trying to convince the rest of Europe that we are taking the Eurovision Song Contest V. Serious this year! He's going round meeting Presidents and Embassedors of different countries and interviewing them asking why we do so badly in the contest and why the eastern countries all vote for each other. He's also studying entrents for the last few years so that he can write a Eurovision winner.

They have made it into a six part 'pop/factor' show having already picked six acts to start next week performing so that we can vote them off the show. Andrews picked quite a wide selection of performers as he says he's not sure what song he'll write until later.

hmm it's all very interesting...methinks Mr Webber will right a good song but not what is an uptodate eurovision song and then we'll still come last because everyone still votes for their neighbouring countries. 

OMGoodness I sound so cynical - I really do adore the contest! and I'm loving this show!

Survivors -
I really enjoyed this show and can't wait for it to be released on DVD at the end of this month. I've actually seen a DVD containing the full series' from the 1970's version in the shops and have been very tempted to buy it. It's still too expensive at the moment though, I'll wait and see if it comes down in price.

I've got some more piccies from Scarborough and a few from my day out on Sunday to Matlock Bath.

Brief Scarborough history

Looking northwards at dusk across the South Bay towards the castle and harbour.

The 'Grand'

Christmas lights on Bar Street.

Newly renovated beach huts

Facts about Matlock Bath

Some nice internet Piccies
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