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Bloomin' paperwork!

I've spent hours today analysing my DVD, working out all the criteria I have to meet!

I spent from 11 this morning to 8.45 this evening and I've still got some more to do! (my fault for not doing it earlier I suppose!)

I reckon I've done the vast majority of it now though. Tomorrow I've just got some other little bits and pieces of paper work to finish off. One will take me about 5 mins to finish, one about 30 mins and the last I'm not sure about as I don't really know how to fill it in. It could take an hour, it could take three.

So I had my meal at 9pm while watching Celebrity Big Brother and I'm drinking a glass of non-alcoholic wine as I can't drink alcohol with the dizzy head tablets. It's now been nearly five months since I last had any alcohol and I could just do with a real glass of wine tonight. I'm just praying that I don't get stuck with this Labyrinthitis for ever or I'll never be able to have a drink!

I'm now going to check my friends pages and then have an early night.
Tags: british sign language, labyrinthitis

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