C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

I didn't think I'd get away with being quiet for long!

Went to college on Monday and had my 1-to-1 with the tutor, I'd done 3/4 of the work right 1/4 wrong. In one of my written receptive pieces I'd observed the wrong person from the group. But shouldn't take me too long to correct as I wrote a transcript of the whole video anyway!

The tutor gave me his 'concerned harsh look' and signed sternly 'I thought you'd understood me. If you hadn't understood you should have said. You know I prefer you to ask, than just say you've understood'. Funny thing is, I'd only thought to myself just before Christmas that usually I'd say if I've not understood something in class but as I'd been in a quieter mood I hadn't done and I also knew that my tutor knows me well enough to have noticed that my quietness had gone on for most of last term.

I'm glad I saw him early in the morning as I was able to make a few corrections and then ask later if I was now on the right lines!

So the re-write of my work could take me 3 hours, it could take me 6, I dunno, but shouldn't take me too long really.
Tags: british sign language

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