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Would anyone like to come to my party?

If you were to host a dinner party and you could invite anyone famous (they do have to be alive though!) Who would you invite?

(You can have as many or as few people as you wish).

These are the people I would invite ;-
(I've made links, as I realise that many of these people are unknown out of the UK)

Bryan Adams
Robert Redford
Julian Richards
Nicholas Crane
Neil Oliver
Bruce Parry
Adam Hart Davis
Pete Wilson (from Duke Special)
Iwan Thomas
Jeremy Milnes
Ray Mears

Joan Jett
Katrina Leskanich (From Katrina and the waves)
Jennifer Weist (From Jennifer Rostock)
Beth Rowley
Ruslana Lyzhychko

Interestingly, I have 7 male science geeks - 3 explorers, 2 survival experts, 1 archaeologist and 1 chemist, and 8 male redheads - 2 of which dye their hair a different colour and 2 who are now grey . I would say that most of the males on my list are not conventional good looking men but I think they are all attractive.

and It would seem, that with the exception of Beth Rowley, I only want to invite tough rocker woman singers with piercings and black eyeliner! LOL!

Edit: I can't count! I have 7 male science geeks - 2 explorers, 2 survival experts, 2 archaeologist, 1 chemist and 1 body language expert!

I'm sure I could think of loads more...maybe I'll host a B-List Dinner party one day!

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