C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

I'm fed up and taking a break!

So much for this work taking 3 - 6 hours!

I've been going for 4 hours now and I'm only half way through tweaking the bits that were supposedly just about right. I haven't started the bit I've got to re-write completely!

I'm a procrastinator!!!!

I've had Thursday and Friday to work on this and I've left it until Saturday and now I've realised how long it's actually going to take me -

Thankfully the tutor didn't manage to see many people for their 1-to-1's last Monday so he probably won't get chance to talk to me this week. If I could just get him to have a quick look at my work towards the end of the class I'd be happy. I need to know that I'm on the right lines.

I'm now going to put some music on for 5 mins and do a bit of mad dancing to swish the work cobwebs away before I sit down and get back to it.


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