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I went to college yesterday morning and had my 1 to 1 with the tutor. He was really pleased with the work I had finished and just kept signing "oh beautiful...perfect...perfect..that's it!!...that's exactly what I wanted."   YAY!

I also sussed out that 3 or 4 other people still haven't had their paperwork accepted yet so actually life's not too bad! Only one group of 3 students filmed their next piece of evidence on Monday so I'm not really even behind on the filming either!

I hope to finish by either this evening or tomorrow evening. We'll see how it goes.

When I got home from college my Survivors DVD had arrived through the post so I'll watch that sometime in the next couple of weeks. I worked until 6pm on my writing and then in the evening I caught up on all sorts of programmes that I have recorded that I haven't got round to watching! I saw the Eurovision song contest show from Saturday, the last 3 episodes of Merlin from ages ago, and the latest episode of Brothers and Sisters. I've still got loads of other bits and pieces to watch!

Funnily enough, including recorded episodes of Survivors I wiped 11 programmes off my computer hard drive and it came to 31GBs in total. This made me laugh 'cos before I got this new computer last Easter my old computer only had 28GBs! 

Thinking about it, my first computer only had 1GB!

So it's now 10.30am and I need to get on with my work so that I can finish as quickly as possible.

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