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This week just gone.

I've had a nice relaxing time away from paperwork this week.

On Monday I managed to just make my way into college have my 1 to 1 with the tutor and leave as quick as possible before my buses home stopped due to the snow.

He's signed my work and said it's good and has taken my DVD away with him to watch and assess. After all this hard work I can imagine he's going to tell me I wasn't fluent enough or that my vocab was too basic. Anyway I'm putting off looking at my next piece of work - again! I've printed some stuff out and it's sat on the printer next to me waiting to be looked at!

Tuesday I was snowed in but I walked up to the youth group as it still went ahead. They are all local 'outdoorsy' kids so we played in the snow for most of the time. me and the male community police worker against the 6 young lads. Every time I threw a snowball I kept getting laughed at and being told that I 'chucked snowballs like a wussie girl!' I had to laugh and reply that if they hadn't noticed I was, in actual fact, a wussie girl! I then got 'sledged!' which involved scooping really large amounts of snow with a sledge and tipping it over my head. It was all good fun and added to the bonding process.

Afterwards I met my friend at the pub across the road from where the group meet and we had a meal.

Oh and for those who didn't see my f'listfest post on Tuesday - it was 20 years on Tuesday since i moved into my flat, 1 year since I first publicly posted on LJ and my Nephews 25th birthday.

Wednesday the roads were clear so I  met with my friends at the coffee shop to have some signing practice.went and then after dinner I visited my mom and in the afternoon and evening I spring cleaned my kitchen.

Thursday I was snowed in again and spent the day relaxing and starting my Lostfest. I watched the first 4 episodes of series 4 which I got just before Christmas. but am only just getting around to watching it and as some of you will have seen I did a spot of writing in the evening.

Friday I continued to be snowed in and watched another four episodes of Lost before going walking up the hill to a board games social evening at church. It was a good night there were about 20 different games available as well as dominoes and cards. I played trivial pursuits and was as pathetic as I usually am at it! Thankfully so were the other three players so we had a really good laugh!

Then today I've been putting off looking at this work in front of me and later I'm going out  to the local pub for a girly night out.

Tomorrow I'm seeing Steve - he's been working everyday since last Saturday so it'll be nice to spend some time with him. We're going to his flat as he's got some things that need finishing (wallpapering mainly!)

So that's what I've been up to this week. x

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