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I just have to say how gobsmacked I was this afternoon!

Some young guy has made an older woman feel very happy today!

I was having lunch with my friend with a glass of wine when this guy about nineteenish with strawberry blond hair and beautiful blond eyelashes walked past and gave me the longest, most sexyist, most obvious, knee trembling look, I've had in many a year!

As he disappeared around the corner out of sight, my friend burst out laughing.
Picking my jaw up off the table I said to her, "Tell me I didn't just imagine that!"
She shook her head in the midst of her laughter and replied "Just wish he'd looked at me like that!"
As he walked back past me later, he looked again in the same way and smiled, which caused my friend, when he was out of sight, to laugh again and say "See, I told you, you didn't imagine it."
Still gobsmacked I asked, "OMG. How do young men know how to look at women old enough to be their mothers like that?"
"And a ginger as well "she laughed. "Added bonus for ya!"

It's really made my day!  :-)

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