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It's Sunday evening again and for the first time in a few weeks I'm not feeling overwhelmed about college tomorrow. I must be starting to feel better. I have been so wound up and nervous about facing my teacher tomorrow and him saying it wasn't good enough and filming my next assessment piece that I'd taken it all out of proportion!

Steve was really wonderful on the phone to me yesterday. He reminded me that I have always said that I had started learning Sign Language for fun, because I enjoyed it, to keep my brain active and to meet people! His comment was spot on! He added that if I really hated it that much and was really worried about it I could always pack it in! No-one was forcing me to be there. It was my own choice! This made me instantly stop fretting and realise that it's not worth the worry, and if the last piece isn't good enough I can always do it again.

I also give myself the 'I nearly died once and so nothing now is as serious or is to be frightened of any more,' talk!

Steve is really poorly with a bad cold and has lost his voice so I've not seen him today and we've really missed each other. Sunday evening is when we have tea, and then sit on the settee and just relax and cuddle while we watch the Sunday night shows on TV. We won't see each other until Saturday now!

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